Shoot the boss

About us

Shoot The Boss is a French independent digital animation, interactive, Motion graphic, and VFX studio. We work for television producers, advertising adgency, music video producer and video game company. Shoot the Boss is a team of designers, film-makers, technicians and graphic artists in the forefront of creative new technologies.

With extensive experience in special effects, we are now able to offer our customers the best innovative technologies of post-production. We offer our customers new innovative software to facilitates the integration of any brand, logo and 3D objects in the video content.


  • Creative works & Motion graphics (Matte Painting, Cover Arts, Character Design, 2D/3D Concept Art, 3D Environnement)
  • Visual effect and CGI for Live Action (televisions, feature film, short movie, commercials, corporate movie and music video)
  • Game Trailer and cinematics
  • 3D stereoscopic Anaglyf & Alioscopie
  • VFX Supervision & Production Team
  • Huracan - Innovative Solution of Digital Product Placement

R&D - Post-production pipeline

Shoot The Boss brings new innovative solutions for integrating brand image, 3D object and video sequence in all types of video content on any platform (DVD, TV, Internet): movies, television, video and User Generated Content .


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